FRP BUILDINGS-Pro is sectional design software. It is designed and tested for rectangular, tee and inverted L reinforced concrete beams strengthened with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bars.
FRP BUILDINGS-Pro is specialized in flexural design in accordance with ACI440.1R-15 and ACI318-19 or CSA S-806 and CSA A23.3, considering all the strength and serviceability requirements. The software inputs are divided into material and geometrical properties, where every category covers the different properties for concrete, steel and FRP. The software operates under SI units or US customary units as well as converting between the two systems of units.

Complete Geometrical and material definition

Dual units capabilities (US Customary units and SI units). This version utilizes ACI 440.1R-15 and ACI318-19 or CSA S-806 and CSA A23.3.

Complete Material Definition

A well defined material parameters for concrete and FRP. The software allows for the default values through the standards’ equations. The software also supports a manufacturer library for FRP values.

Complete Geometrical Definition

A complete definition for the geometry of the cross section (Rectangular, Tee and Inverted L), aggregate size, FRP bars as well as the permissible deflection values and the permissible crack width (ACI).

Built-in Beams

The software supports a wide range of beams with different span lengths, numbers and load patterns.

Custom Beam

The software also has a “Custom Beam” option for a general loading cases. Through defining three sections, a full design is carried out for the beam.

One-Span Example

Four different patterns with cantiliver and simply supported beams loaded with a point load or a distributed load.

Four-Span Example

The most critical loading patterns with different span lengths.

Loads Definition

The software is equipped with ACI318-19 and NBCC-15 different load combinations for different scenarios with an option to choose the most critical one or insert your own combination of loads.

CompleteFlexural Analysis

The software performs a complete design for concrete beams reinforced with FRP bars with full consideration of the strength and the serviceability requirements given by the standards.

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