FRP Column Confinement Analysis (Basic)

FRP Column Confinement Analysis is a comprehensive software column analysis and design software. It enables the generation of limit and design interaction diagram for circular and rectangular short columns, considering biaxial bending plus axial compression-tension forces. The software is made powerful by adding the effect of FRP wrapping confinement. The user can select to plot different combinations of unconfined, FRP confined, unconfined design and confined design interactions diagrams. 

Furthermore, the software is supported by a professional design report consisting of input parameters and output results. The software operates in dual units SI and US customary units with full capability of switching back and forth between them.

Complete Geometrical and material definition

The software inputs are divided into material and geometrical properties, where every category covers the different properties for concrete, steel and FRP.

Fully developed interaction Diagrams

A complete interaction diagram between the biaxial resultant moment and tension-compression axial forces for rectangular and circular sections.

Biaxial Bending moment

The software takes into account the biaxial moment effect on the section from x-direction and y-direction,

Limit state interaction Diagrams

The software generates the limit state interaction diagram of the unconfined reinforced concrete section as well as the FRP confined section.

Design state interaction Diagrams

The software generated the design interaction diagrams for the confined and uncondined sections, taking into account all safety factors from ACI440. 

Built-in library for FRP sheets

The software is equipped with FRP sheets properties for some of the common FRP manufacturers.

Tabulated data

Tabulated data of the interaction diagrams for further investigations.

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