FRP Residential Wall Designer

This is a comprehensive software that designs residential basement walls for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) as replacement reinforcement for steel bars. The GFRP bars have high strength to weight ratio, lightweight, corrosion resistance and does not interfere with electro-magnetic fields. The price of the glass FRP bars is comparable to that of steel bars with the added advantages of corrosion resistance and ease of handling due to its lightweight. 

The software considers all design parameters involved like lateral earth pressure, wall thickness, wall height, concrete bar cover, concrete strength, backfill height and GFRP bar characteristics in order to rigorously analyze and design for reinforcement demands based on ACI 332-14, ACI 440.1-15 and ACI 318-19 to result in a safe and reliable product that has superior performance and 75-100 years of service life compared to the steel alternative. It is worth mentioning that the software is capable of considering different FRP materials like carbon and aramid making it very general to use.

Complete Geometrical and material definition

The software inputs are divided into material and geometrical properties, where every category covers the different properties for concrete and FRP.

Full Design for Vertical and horizontal bars

A complete flexural design for the vertical bars and a complete design for the horizontal bars. The results show a complete strength and serviceability design. All detailed calculations could be printed through the “Report” button.

FRP Manufacturer or User specified characterstics

The software allows the user to choose from a manufacturer list of products “Owens Corning PinkBar” or to use “User Specified” parameters.


The software presents the result of the inserted bar on the first row of results. The remaining rows present a thorough comparison against ASTM bars parameter. The results consist of bar diameter, strength condition, cracking condition, FRP strain and vertical bar spacing, failure mode, concrete cover condition and horizontal bars spacing.

A detailed calculations and parameters are well-presented in a professional report through the “Report” button.

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